National Park Exploration

This National Park Exploration app was born out of the necessity to be the only app to seriously consider and incorporate accessibility into everything National Parks offer. After doing some research and hearing the needs of the disabled community, I decided to cater my inclusive app design to their needs. Everything from trails, attractions, and restaurants were documented with different ability level accessibility icons. I also included big type and buttons, clear hierarchy, spacing, and high contrast to accommodate visual and physical impairments. As you can see in the Skills mentioned below there was a whole process in the making of this app, going from ideation and user interviews to a final working prototype. Overall, this underserved, but very important community’s needs are now being met in this app design, to impact everyone’s life for the better.

Ideation, Pitch, Heuristic Evaluations, Research Plan, KWHL Chart, Screener Survey, User Interviews, User Research Recap, Personas, Empathy Maps, MVP Chart, User Stories, UI Requirements, User Flows, Sketching, Hand-drawn Wireframes & Prototype, XD Wireframes, Iconography, Typography, Creative Writing, Photo Treatment, Layout, App Design, XD Prototype & Artboards, Style Tile, UI Style Guide, Logo Design, App Icon Design, User Testing, Mockups, Presentation Deck

App Design / User Experience / User Interface / Logo Design

Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, PowerPoint, Miro, POP Prototype Marvel App, Slack, Vimeo

App Screens

Prototype Flow

User Interface Style Guide

App Store Icon & Exploration

Wireframe Screens

Prototype Flow

App Logo & Exploration

Components of Wireframe Screens

Primary & Secondary Colors as Gradients

Icon Components

Screener Survey Results


Persona User Flows

Empathy Maps

Presentation Deck of My Process From Start To Finish

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