Fueled For Life

This design will for sure get you Fueled For Life after witnessing the visual effect this has on you! Fueled For Life is an extraordinary fitness, wellness coaching, and massage business, owned by a friend of mine. Her original branding didn’t capture the true essence of her business, so I wanted to give it a fresh new look. After getting a sense for what her business meant to her and how she wanted her customers to feel, I started to concept her branding. I sketched different logo ideas, and ultimately came up with a lotus symbol and color scheme that I felt represented the tranquility and renewal of her business. Then I animated the logo in After Effects to reiterate the feel it represented. I made the logo into a pattern to apply to the stationery needs of her business. Every great business also needs a website, so I carried the visual voice of her new branding to that as well, designing multiple responsive sizes. To help advertise, I put her logo on a T-shirt and a yoga mat. This total re-brand not only gives her clients the visual feel of what her business provides, but it helps draw in new customers to experience the all-around effect of a powerful design paired with a great local business.

Rebrand, Branding, Logo Design, Sketching, Motion Design, Wireframes, Responsive Website Redesign, Apparel Design, Advertising, Stationery Design, Mockups, Concepting, Mood Boards, Idea Statements, Typography, Layout, Photo Treatment, Layout, Pattern Design, Illustrations

Rebrand / Logo Design /Responsive Website Redesign / Motion Design / Apparel Design

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Vimeo

Fueled For Life rebrand work featuring website mockups and stationery paper branding

Business Stationery

Animated Logo

Printed Logo

Responsive Website Views

Logo Exploration



Logo Pattern

Logo Sketches

Concept 1 Idea Statement

Concept 2 Idea Statement