A close up of Annie smiling with the prairie in the background in full color

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Annie Heathcote and I am a kind, fun, intelligent, and hardworking person with a great sense of humor.

I grew up having a creative sense that ‘drew’ me to many different mediums of art. Experiencing these art forms led me to the world of design. Art, technology, psychology, and marketing have always fascinated me; this made being a UX/UI, Web, and Graphic Designer a perfect fit!

Through working at multiple design internships, as well as on my own freelance business while attending college, I’ve learned that the best way to serve my client’s needs is by staying on top of design trends and new technologies. This helps me develop a range of aesthetics for each project’s unique style. I love using my skill set to open up a world of creativity to enable people to notice and support what they feel passionate about. Creating beautiful designs and problem-solving to overcome challenges is how I ‘roll’. I believe that great design is essential for every organization to communicate its brand and mission to its audience. Collaborating and networking with other students and professionals has been a favorite aspect of this journey.

I’m currently furthering my experience by serving my freelance clients on various projects. I am also doing work for a collaborative design team where I can continue to grow my skills and make an impact. Having a strong skill set in UX/UI, Website Design, and Graphic Design makes me a great fit to accomplish the goals of your project or business. By making my designs accessible to users with disabilities, I bring a unique perspective. Disability doesn’t mean inability, but when people with a disability, like me, grow up in a world that’s not made for them, that’s what the true disability is. My mission is to learn, grow, and collaborate with the disability community and others, to do my part in making designs inclusive. The road of progress and design is never easy. There are curbs, potholes, and unpaved paths, but I have decided to take the road less traveled because they lead to new ideas and discoveries.

My personal motto is love, serve God and others, work hard by doing your best, and never give up. When I’m not designing, you can find me spending time with family and friends, making art, singing at church, playing power soccer, and traveling.

Thanks for learning more about me and what ‘drives’ me as a designer. Feel free to look at my resume below to find out more details. I hope you have a chance to check out my portfolio website and reach out with any questions, comments, or introductions. Are you needing design help to make an impact on your audience? Then let’s connect, so we can get started on your unique project! Have a great day and may your life be positively impacted by what you see.

Take care,