Silk Milk

Pour into this richly smooth photoshoot design full of delectable ingredients. Silk is a well-known brand with a variety of natural plant-based dairy alternatives. The different kinds of Silk milk include many health benefits, so I wanted to highlight certain ones pertaining to their milk. I did this by taking the ingredient the milk is made out of and forming it into numbers or letters associated with the nutritional facts. Then I photographed that along with styling the milk, cutting board, and ingredients. After the photoshoot I took those images into Photoshop and created a nice advertising series, also putting the ads in mockups to show how Silk could incorporate these into the real world. Now, who wouldn’t want to gain some health while helping the environment!?

Photography, Photo Styling, Print Design, Advertising, Ideation, Idea Statements, Sketching, Concepting, Typography, Layout, Hierarchy, Photo Treatment, Mockups

Photo Shoot / Ad Campaign / Print Ads

Camera, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat

Final Ad Campaign


Rough Draft Ad Campaign


Edited Ingredients


Sketches & Plan