UW Health Systems

Wisconsin is home to the UW Health system that cares for its patients and community. I wanted to help them further their mission by innovating their current systems like MyChart and creating new ones like a Medicine App, Reverse Negative social posts, and banner ads. During the Coronavirus pandemic, it was especially vital to communicate with their patients to keep them positive and safe. That’s why I concentrated my efforts on creating nine Instagram posts that illustrate different ways people can live, by reversing their negative perspective of what they can no longer do safely, to what they can do instead. To portray this message, I used separated reverse arrows to highlight the use of negative space to create the negative sign. I then animated multiple banner ads that when clicked on would take people to the UW Health website to learn more about Covid-19. Thinking about this full circle, I created an app prototype called Medicine that helps people maintain their health, by reminding, tracking, and giving them necessary information about the supplements and medications they take. I then took on redesigning MyChart because as a user, I knew there were some UX/UI challenges that could be solved with a better design because there is always room for improvement as user needs change. With these new and improved systems in place, UW Health can fulfill its mission by having a higher level of integrity and excellence to show compassion to their diverse patient community.

Social Media, Banner Ads, App Design, Saas Redesign, Website Design, Redesign, Advertising, Concepting, Mood Boards, Idea Statements, Interface Inventory, Storyboards, Typography, Creative Writing, Photo Treatment, Iconography, Layout, Sketching, Wireframing, UI Style Guide, Prototyping, User Testing, Mockups, Presentation Deck

Saas Redesign / App Design / Social Media PSA / Banner Ads

Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Animate, InDesign, After Effects, Slack, Instagram, Vimeo

MyChart System Redesign


Red and blue MyChart login screen


Red and blue MyChart dashboard screen

User Interface Style Guide

MyChart Presentation Deck

medicine app

home screen

data screen

Logo Exploration


Reverse Negative Instagram Posts

Negative Reversed banner ads


Concept 1 Idea Statement

Concept 2 Idea Statement

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